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Objective Questions on Geographical Sources - 2

1. Evaluatiion criteria for maps and atlases includes
(a). scale and size
(b). projection
(c). location key,grid system
(d). topography, the use of colours

(a),(b) and (c)
(a),(b) and (d)
(b),(c) and (d)
All of the above

2.The official mapping organisations in India are the
(a). Survey of India
(b). National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation
(c). Geological Survey of India
(d). National Institute of Geography

(a), (b) and (d)
(a), (b) and (c)
(b), (c) and (d)
All of the above

3.Which of the following international agencies is/are encouraging and assisting in the creation of national, regional and local atlases
(a). United Nations Commission on National Atlases.
(b). International Geographical Union. Commission on National Atlases.

(a) only
(b) only
both (a) and (b)
neither (a) nor (b)

4. Gazetteer is
(a). an index to an atlas
(b). work providing information about places of the world,of a particular country or region
(c). Dictionary of Places
(d). a geographical dictionary

(a),(b) and (c)
(a),(b) and (d)
(b),(c) and (d)
(a),(b),(c) and (c)

5.The Statesman Year Book and World Gazetteer published by
Times Publishing
Cambridge University
Clarendon Press

6.Imperial Gazetteer of lndia first published in

7.Travel guide as a handbook for travellers that gives information
(a). about a city
(b). region or a country
(c). about a building, museum

(a) and (b)
(b) and (c)
(a) and (c)
(a),(b) and (c)

8.Which of the following is not a Travel guide for India
The Nest and Wings
Garhwal, the Dev Bhoomi
Hill Reseete of lndia, Nepal and Bhutan
Royal Automobile Club: Guide and Handbook

9.Which of the following is not a selection tool for Geographical Sources
Bibliographic Guide to Maps and Atlases
International Maps and Atlases in Print
FODOR’S India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
Index to Maps in Books and Periodicals

10.The first editor of Imperial Gazetteer of lndia is
Herbert Hope Risley
William Wilson Hunter
Sir Richard Burn
James Sutherland Cotton

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