UGC NET December 2023 Paper 2 Library Science (1-10)

1. National Mission on Libraries was set up by
(1) Ministry of Human Resource Development, GOI
(2) Ministry of Culture, GOI
(3) Ministry of IT, GOI
(4) Ministry of Science and Technology, GOI

2. is a routine knowledge about which the expert is conscious and often resides in short term memory.
(1) Procedural knowledge
(2) Declarative knowledge
(3) Semantic knowledge
(4) Episodic knowledge

3. IIPA stands for :
(1) Indian Intellectual Property Administration
(2) International Institute of Public Administration
(3) International Intellectual Property Alliance
(4) International Independent Property Administration

4. The origin of the discipline of Information Studies could be traced to the founding of
(2) International Institute of Bibliography
(3) The British Library
(4) American Library Association

5. ‘Dr. S. R. Ranganathan : A Tribute’ was published by :
(1) Indian Library Association
(2) The National Library, Kolkata
(4) University of Madras

6. Who was not the founding member of ILA in 1933 ?
(1) S Bashiruddin
(2) Wali Mohammad
(3) T C Dutta
(4) S R Ranganathan

7. Which of the following has implication on the first law of library science ?
(1) Location
(2) Obligation of the state
(3) Resource sharing
(4) Method of circulation

8. The Report of the Advisory Committee for Libraries is also known as :
(1) Parry Committee Report
(2) Fyzee Report
(3) Sinha Committee Report
(4) Ekbote Committee Report

9. Best way to begin a search for information is :
(1) Search Google
(2) Define user’s information needs
(3) Search for sources
(4) Some how start searching

10. Who called Tertiary sources as sources of information which are last to appear and mostly do not contain subject knowledge ?
(1) L. Shores
(2) W.A Katz
(3) C.W Hanson
(4) Denis Grogan

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