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Coach Yourself

Self-Coaching is a self-directed activity which enables you to move forward and embrace your next challenge readily and excitedly without incurring huge costs
In following link you can find collection of Old UGC NET and Most of states SET, Subject wise questions in MOCK Test Mode. So you can read, Check your knowledge etc.

I strongly suggests
1. MCQ by LAL and KUMAR (link)
(Why ? Because Questions in the books are arranged systematically. i.e, Every Question related with before and after question. So you can understand not only the fact also the subject.)
[Read any authors MCQ book but you need to read thoroughly] [If you know all the questions in any one of MCQ book will give you the confidence to score minimum Marks]
2. IGNOU Materials/any other university materials.
For exam purpose only I am suggesting MCQ books but for Interviews and to gain depth knowledge in our subject you need to read University Study Materials and Subject Books.
3.Old Question Papers
Old Questions Paper always helps to understand the question pattern and Important Questions etc.
(50-60% of questions will come from these three mentioned materials in UGC NET but 80-90% Questions will be asked in SET exams.)

Click here to download Paper 1 Study Material

Create a Lesson Plan
Strictly follow the schedule.
You can go beyond the schedule, but do not miss the schedule.
You must Thoroughly read Lal and Kumar MCQ or any other author,
IGNOU Materials/any other university materials.

[I am always mention this, Without reading any book and attending Quizzes in will help only little and it will take more time. But if you read already Books, will be your Knowledge checker and you will know where you are standing, how much you need to read more etc.]

Keep Reading, All the very best.