Customised Bibliographic Framework for Koha - Books & Serials

Customized MARC bibliographic frameworks for Koha, designed to streamline the data entry process for both books and serials. The goal is to improve efficiency and user experience by organizing commonly used fields into tabs and hiding less frequently used ones.


Improved data entry speed: By grouping essential fields together, users can locate and enter information more quickly.
Reduced errors: Fewer distractions from less relevant fields can help minimize data entry errors.
Enhanced user experience: A simplified and organized layout makes the cataloging process more user-friendly.


The customized framework for books includes the following tabs:
Basic: Contains essential fields like title, author, publication information, ISBN, and language.
Description: Holds fields related to physical description, edition, and series information.
Subjects: Allows for adding and editing subject headings and keywords.
Additional: Provides access to less frequently used fields.


The customized framework for serials includes the following tabs:
Basic: This tab contains fields like title, ISSN, publication date, publisher, and frequency.
Holdings: Provides a dedicated space for adding and managing individual issues or volumes.
Description: Similar to the book framework, this tab holds physical description and series information.
Additional: Includes less frequently used fields for serials.
This framework also hides unnecessary fields, offering a cleaner and more focused interface for serials cataloging.

Download the customized framework files:

  • Go to Administration > MARC Bibliographic Framework in Koha.
  • Choose the appropriate framework ("Books, Booklets" for books or "Serials" for serials).
  • Click on Import and select the downloaded framework file.
  • Upload the file and verify the changes in the cataloging module.

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