Unit II-Library and Society-Answer key

Unit II-Library and Society-Answer key

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1. Dr. S.R.Ranganathan enunciated Five Laws of Library Science in 1928, when it was published as a book


2. Location of the Library should be at a central place, which law strongly emphasizes this statement

 First law of library science
 Second law of library science
 Third law of library science
 Fourth law of library science

3. The word 'Organism' is a ________

 Scientific term
 Library science term
 Sociological term
 Biological term

4. Clay tablets libraries were existed in


5. Calcutta Public Library was opened to public on

 21st March 1836
 21st April 1836
 21st May 1836
 21st June 1836

6. The new Imperial Library of India opened on 30th January 1903 in the Metcalf Hall. Who is its first librarian?

 Lord Curzon
 K.M. Asadullah
 John Macfarlane
 B.S. Kesavan

7. The National Library of India was opened by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad on 1st February 1953, in connection with the _____________ Jubilee celebrations of the library.


8. A National Library for the Blind and the Physically ' Handicapped already situated in

 New Delhi

9. The Library of Congress, the National library of the United States of America situated in

 New York

10. The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) was formed in 2002 2 by the merger of the __________ & Institute of Information Scientists


11. Who is the first female president of ALA?

 Theresa Elmendorf,
 Mary Wright Plummer
 Camila Alire
 Clara Staton Jones

12. The Association for Information Management formerly known as
 Association of Special Libraries and Information Management
 Association of Special Libraries and Information Centre
 Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux.
 Association of Special Libraries and Information Business
13. FID was dissolved in

14. The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions established in the year 1927 in _________.


15. Who is the first life member of ILA?

 A C Woolner
 K M Asadullah

16. Indian Association of the Teachers of Library and Information Science (IATLIS), Established in

 19th December 1969
 19th December 1968
 19th December 1967
 19th December 1966

17. UNESCO Public Library Manifesto was formulated by UNESCO in


18. The INSDOC (Indian National Scientific Documentation Centres) was established in 1952 with the assistance of


19. Model Public Library Bill in 1963 under the chairmanship prepared under chairmanship of

 M. D. Sen.

20. What is Red Letter Day in the history of Britain?

 The day British Library was setup
 British Museum was established
 British Library Legislation became a reality
 British Library Association formed

21. World's first library act was enacted in


22. Indian office library located in


23. Mudaliar Commision in India was specially setup for the development of

 Primary education
 Secondary education
 Higher education
 All the above

24. National Library Week celebrated every year in India during

 14-20 August
 14-20 September
 14-20 November
 14-20 December

25. BLAISE an online service provided by

 Library of Congress
 British Library

26. UNISIST was launched by


27. In which of following state gets fund through Library Cess

 Tamil Nadu
 West Bengal

28. CALIBNET was sponsored by


29. National Information Centre for Crystallography located in


30. Which is not a publication of IASLIC?

 IASLIC Newsletter
 IASLIC Bulletin
 Journal of Librarianship
 Indian Library and Information Science Abstracts     Unit II-Library and Society

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