Library Management Basics - 2

1. Accession Register of the library is meant for
Registration of books
Registration of periodicals
Register for Accessioning
Registration of books in the same serial in which they are received

2. Stock verification is done in the libraries to find out the physical availability of
Books and Periodicals
All articles
All reading meterial only

3. Which of the following is not a document
Machine Readable Catalogue

4. Short title usually found tooled on the spine of the book is
Alternative Title
Fanciful Title
Binder's Title
Tell-Tale Title

5. Which of the following is complex subject
A study in Medicine
A study in Animal Husbandry
A study in Child Medicine
A study in Classification and cataloguing

6. SDI stands for
Selective Dissemination of Information
Scientific Demand for Information
Selective Information Demand
Scientific Documentation for Information

7. The device that makes use of initial alphabets in sharpening a class number
Alphabetical Device
Alphanumeric Device
Sharpening Device
Initial Device

8.After a book is acquired, it is taken up for cataloguing and classification to the
Acquistion Section
Processing Section
Documentation Section
None of these

9. issue and return of Books in the work of
Reference Desk
Debates Section
Circulation Counter
Processing Section

10. A Book is individualized among the books having the same class number by
Call number
Book number
Accession number
Year number

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