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Detailed CBSE NET JUNE 2015 Library and Information Science Answer Key for Paper II

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1.SMCR Communication model was developed by- David K Berlo

2.Who suggested the' Seven Lamps of Conduct' as must for library professional?-Joint Council of Library Association  in India(JOCLAI)

3.Dare,which is a UNESCO database, provide information for-Social Science

4.Which type of information need can be satisfied with Review and State -of-the Art Reports?-Catching up

5.The principle which states that if the facet B in a subject will not be operative without the concept behind A is conceded then B Should follow A is known as: Wall Picture Principle

6.The principle which states' that between two or more possible alternative  bearing on a particular phenomenon, the one leading to overall economy is to be preferred' is known as-Lawof parsimony

7.The record associated with genealogy file might reasonably be arranged in a: Tree structured files

8.What is the purpose of cookies-Identify users on the servers

9.'Rank x frequency=constant' formula describes the essence of-Lotka Law

10.Name the Indian Librarian who was honored with the title of 'Khan Bahadur' in 1935 by the brithish Government-K.M.Asadullah

11.NALANDA, the digital library is an initiation of-National Institute of Technology Calicut

12.Six Sigma in quality management was developed by-Motorola

13.In Binary Numbering System digit '11' is represented by-00001011

14.Arrange th following elements of ISBN in Proper order-b,d,c,a
ie. Registration Group Element, Registrant Elemant, Publication Element, Check Digit

15.Identify the correct sequence of user tasks that are supported by the structed of FRBR, RDA 0.2 version-
Find, Identify, Select, Obtain

16.Which of the following are formal means of communication-
A.Adhoc talks,
Ans: b and d are correct

17.Identify parts of social science citation Index
a.Corporate Index
b.Permuterm Subject Index
c.Source Index
d.Title Index

Ans: a,b,c are correct

18.Which of the following display racks are used to display print periodical publications?
c.Pigeon hole type
d.Inclined type

Ans: b,c,d are correct

19.Which of the following elements are associated with Dervin's Model of Information Seeking Behaviour?

Ans: a and c are correct

20.Which of the following are the salient features of UDC -IME?
a.Minimum three digits in a class number
b.Main Class 4 is vacant
c.notation is independent of any particular language or script
d. more suitable for microdocuments

Ans: a,c,d are correct

21.Which of the following advantageous features of Portable Document Format(PDF)?
a.More compatibility
b.Easy Editing
c.Supports image format
d.Good compression ration

Ans: (d) and (a) are correct

22. Which of the following sampling techniques offer an 'equal probability selection method'?
a.Simple random sampling
b.Quota sampling
c. Purposive sampling
d.Proportional stratified sampling

Ans: (a) and (d) are correct

23.Identify the three information activities presented by James Krikelas(1983) as the foundation of his ISB model:
a.Information gathering
b.Information seeking
c.Information computing
d.Information giving

Ans: (a), (b) and (d) are correct

24.Arrange in sequence the following state public Library Acts according to the yar of their enactment
a.West Bengal
c.Arunachal Pradesh

Ans: d,a,b,c

25.Arrange the following books by S.R.Ranganathan according to their publication year
a.Colon classification
b.Elements of library classification
c.Philosophy of library classification
d.Prolegomena to library classification

Ans: a,d,b,c

26.Arrange the following in the order of their development

Ans: a,b,c,d

27.Identify the correct chronlogical order in which the following were established
Naitonal Library of India(Kolkata), Delhi Public Library, Documentation Research and Traning Centre, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation

28.Match the following
a. W.Edward Deming  i. Quality Control Circles
b. Elton Mayo and others ii.  Statistical Process Control
c. Kaoru Ishikawa  iii.  Hawthorne Studies
d. Shigeo Shing iv.  Zero defect

Ans: ii,iii,i,iv

29.Match the following
a.A pictograph that stands for an indivudal word  i.  Petroglyphs
b.A pictograph that stands for an indivudal idea  ii. Petrograms
c.Pictographs drawn or painted on rocks iii.  Ideogram
d.Pictographs incised or carved on rocks  iv.  Logogram

Ans: iv,iii,ii,i

30.Match the following
a.Ecological Theory of Human Information Behaviour  i. Sanda Erdelez
b. Everday Life Information Seeking  ii.  Williamson
c. Information Encountering  iii.  Nicholas J. Belkin
d. Anamalous State of of Knowledge(ASK)  iv.  Reijo Sarolainen

Ans: ii,iv,i,iii

31.Match the following
a.Annals of Library and Information Studies  i.  SRELS, Bangalore
b.Journal of Information Management ii.  Delhi Library Association
c.Herald of Library Science  iii.   NISCAIR, Delhi
d. Library Herald  iv.   P.N.Kaula Endowment, Lucknow

Ans: iii,i,iv,ii

32.Match the following
a. Barack Hussein Obama-II i. Gazetteer
b. GDP Growth in last year ii.   Who is who
c. Universities in UK iii.  Year Book
d. Area of Ganjam District iv.   World of Learning

Ans: ii,iii,iv,i

33.Match the following
a.Illiad  i. "Collective collection" of world libraries
b. Questionpoint ii.  Cost effective training and staff development programme
c. Webjunction iii.  high quality reference service
d. World Cat  iv.   Interlibrary loan operation

Ans: iv,iii,ii,i

34.Match the following
a.Nominal scale  i.  Temperature measurement
b.Ordinal scal ii.   Gender as variable
c.Interval scale  iii.  Ranking of library services
d. Ratio scale  iv.  Mass of a body

Ans: ii,iii,i,iv

35.Match the following
a.My SQL  i. Language
b.Apache  ii.  Server
c.Perl  iii.  User Interface
d.API  iv.  RDBMS

Ans: iv,ii,i,iii

36.Match the following
a.Real time communication  i.  Bulletin Boards
b.Telnet  ii.  Subcribed Membership
c.USENET  iii.  Video conferencing
d.Listserv  iv.  Remote login

Ans: iii,iv,i,ii

37.Assertion(A):Computers are tools that can help to create more Knowledge
Reason(B): Knowledge is mechanical hence developed in computers

Ans: A is true but R is false

38.Assertion(A):Users need to have training in accessing to a large number of E-journals through consortia
Reason(B):Most of the users are not aware of using Web-resources

Ans: Both A and R are true

39.Assertion(A):There is no need for distinct geographical sources like gazetteers, maps atlas,etc
Reason(B):Some of the general reference sources like encylopedias, yearbooks, almanacs also include geographical information

Ans: A is false but R is true

40.Assertion(A):Boolean logic allows a user to logically relate multiple concepts together to define what information is needed
Reason(B): If the operators (AND, OR, NOT) are interpreted in their normal interpretation, they act too restrictive or too general

Ans: Both A and R are true

41.Assertion(A): While using OPAC user need to have some understanding of inverted files and search strategies
Reason(B): Online catalogues place the responsibility for a search strategy on the user

Ans: Both A and R are true

42.Assertion(A):Median is simply the middle value when the data have been arranged in an ascending or descending order
Reason(B): Median refers to the middle value in distribution

Ans: Both A and R are true

43.Assertion(A):Open access publication model involves zero cost
Reason(B):Open access increases the visiblity of the publication, as they are available to the users for free access

Ans: A is false but R is true

44.Assertion(A):Questionnaire is often used in surveys as the primary data collection tool
Reason(B): Questionnaires prevent personal contact with respondents

Ans: Both A and R are true

45.Assertion(A):When the data is skewed, the arithmetic mean calculated is misleading
Reason(B): Even when the data is skewed, the arithmetic mean gives some valuable information bu needs to be interpreted in right manner

Ans: Both A and R are true

46.Which of the following reflects the position of libraries in British Columbia

Ans:Band School libraries exist on reserve

47.In Ontario in 2001-2002:
Ans:.Many small communities are underfunded

48.Among First Nationas Communities
Ans: sometimes rights and title claims are pressing needs

49.Which of the following is true about public libraries in urban centers
Ans:Spadina Branch of the Toronto Public library works closesly with local aborginal communities

50.Which of the following is not true about the library services for saskatchewan's Aborginal Peoples Committee?

Ans: They meet once a year
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