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Friday, June 22, 2012

UGC NET Paper I General Objective Questions - 2


Questions are taken from the book U.G.C.-Net/Jrf/Set Teaching & Research Aptitude (General Paper-I) By Dr. Lal, Jain, Dr. K. C. Vashistha (ISBN-9788174820556)

1. A research problem is feasible only when_____
It has utility and relevance
It is researchable
It is new and adds something to knowledge
All the above

2. Teachers uses visual-aids to make learning
More knowledgeable

3. Which is the least important factor in teaching?
Punishing the students
Maintaining discipline in the class
Lecturing in impressive way
Drawing sketches and diagrams on the black-board

4. Bibliography given in a research report
Shows vast knowledge of the researcher
Helps those interested in further research
Has no relevance to research
All the above

5. Which of the following teachers would you like the most?
Having research aptitude
Loving and having high idealistic philosophy
Who often amuses his students

6. The teacher's role at the higher educational level is to
Provide the information to students
Promote self-learning in students
Encourage healthy competition among students
Help students to solve their personal problems

7. The study in which the investigators attempt to trace an effect is known as
Survey research
'Ex-post Facto' research
Historical research
Summative research

8. If in a certain language TRIVANDRUM is coded as 2595354758, how would MADRAS be coded?

9. Value education makes a student

Good citizen
Successful businessman
Popular teacher
Efficient manager

10. The Govt established the University Grants Commission by an Act of Parliament in the year

7 komentar

Anonymous said...

Third question answer is wrong
I think option (D) is correct

meghlib said...

please give explanation about question 8

Thirunavukkarasu T C said...

1. Mr. Anonymous Third Question is Which is least important.

Is drawing and sketch is less important than punishing the students?

2. Dear Meglib
MADRAS 834536

for R= 6 we are taking first R according to answers given so S=6

I think this question not properly made.

Anonymous said...

the answer to the fourth question in B and not a. The bibliography is a tool for those interested in reading more about the subject under study and is not meant to reflect one knowledge

Thirunavukkarasu T C said...

Thank You . Answer changed 4th Question

Anonymous said...

Please explain the answer of question no Q.8

Ram Chand said...

3,8,10 question of the wrong