UGC NET December 2018 Paper 2 Library Science (61-70)

1. Which of the Following are the challenges in adopting linked data in libraries ?
(A) Terminology disparity that exists between the library and web based standards
(B) Complexity of linked data technologies such as RDF/XML
(C) Metadata openness and sharing
(D) Facet based navigation

(1) (A) and (B) Only
(2) (B) and (C) Only
(3) (C) and (D) Only
(4) (A) and (C) Only

2. Which of the following are true about the “R” Software ?
(A) R is an interpreted language
(B) Users can access through a command line interpreter
(C) R's capabilities are extended through user created package
(D) Ris a commercial software

(1) (B), (C), (D) Only
(2) (A), (C), (D) Only
(3) (A), (B), (D) Only
(4) (A), (B), (C) Only

3. A large number of manuscripts of different languages are found in Rampur Raza Library Which are those languages ?
(A) Arabic
(B) Pali
(C) Bengali
(D) Sanskrit
(E) Urdu

(1) (A), (D), (E) Only
(2) (B), (C), (D) Only
(3) (A), (B), (E) Only
(4) (B), (D), (E) Only

4. Which of the following are true for Chicago Style manual of style ?
(A) Chicago style manual was published first in the year 1896
(B) It is published by university of Chicago press
(C) It uses notes and bibliography style
(D) Title of the first edition was, “Manual of Style”

(1) (A), (B), (C) Only
(2) (B), (C), (D) Only
(3) (A), (B), (D) Only
(4) (A), (C), (D) Only

5. Which of the following are true of telephonic interview ?
(A) Most suitable for intensive surveys
(B) Faster than other methods of interview
(C) Replies can be recorded
(D) Questions have to be short and simple

(1) (A), (B), (C) Only
(2) (A), (C), (D) Only
(3) (A), (B), (D) Only
(4) (B), (C), (D) Only

6. Match the following?
List I List II
(A) Information society (I) Seeks to overcome the problem of digital divide
(B) Knowledge society (Il) Investigates the properties and behavior of information
(C) Information studies (IlI) Information is seen as a commodity
(D) Information science (IV) Emerged from cross fertilization of ideas

(1) (A)-(I),(B)-(II),(C)-(III),(D)-(IV)
(2) (A)-(II),(B)-(III),(C)-(IV),(D)-(I)
(3) (A)-(III),(B)-(I),(C)-(IV),(D)-(II)
(4) (A)-(IV),(B)-(I),(C)-(II),(D)-(III)

7. Match the following?
List I List II
(A) Madras Library Association (I) 1928
(B) Andhra Desa Library Association (II) 1939
(C) Bengal Library Association (III) 1914
(D) Delhi Library Association (IV) 1925

(1) (A)-(I),(B)-(III),(C)-(IV),(D)-(II)
(2) (A)-(IV),(B)-(III),(C)-(I),(D)-(II)
(3) (A)-(IV),(B)-(II),(C)-(I),(D)-(III)
(4) (A)-(II),(B)-(III),(C)-(IV),(D)-(I)

8.Match the following?
List I List II
(A) Platform that focuses on the client through personalised access point (I) Information Portal
(B) For use within the company or organization (II) E-Commerce Portal
(C) Through which marketing can be promoted (II) Customer Portal
(D) Provides type of specialized information (IV) Corporate Portal

(1) (A)-(I),(B)-(II),(C)-(III),(D)-(IV)
(2) (A)-(I),(B)-(IV),(C)-(III),(D)-(II)
(3) (A)-(III),(B)-(II),(C)-(IV),(D)-(I)
(4) (A)-(III),(B)-(IV),(C)-(II),(D)-(I)

9. Match the following?
List I List II
(B) DESIDOC (II) Ministry of Small Scale Industries

(1) (A)-(I),(B)-(II),(C)-(III),(D)-(IV)
(2) (A)-(II),(B)-(III),(C)-(IV),(D)-(I)
(3) (A)-(III),(B)-(IV),(C)-(I),(D)-(II)
(4) (A)-(IV),(B)-(I),(C)-(II),(D)-(III)

10. Match the following?
List I List II
(A) Descriptive abstract (I) Abstract of a paper which has not yet been written
(B) Listing abstract (II) Generalstatement of the nature and scope of the document
(C) Slanted abstract (III) List the content of the document
(D) Pseudo abstract (IV) Oriented to serve a special group of users

(1) (A)-(I),(B)-(III),(C)-(II),(D)-(IV)
(2) (A)-(II),(B)-(III),(C)-(IV),(D)-(I)
(3) (A)-(IV),(B)-(III),(C)-(II),(D)-(I)
(4) (A)-(III),(B)-(II),(C)-(I),(D)-(IV)

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