UGC NET December 2023 Paper 2 Library Science (51-60)

1. The collation area of ISBD (M) includes :
(A) Pagination area
(B) Illustration statement
(C) Size
(D) Price

(1) (A), (B), (D) Only
(2) (A), (B), (C) Only
(3) (B), (C), (D) Only
(4) (A), (C), (D) Only

2. The principles of proper abstracting include :
(A) Purpose
(B) Scope
(C) Coverage
(D) Conclusions

(1) (A), and (D) Only
(2) (A), (B), (D) Only
(3) (B), (C), (D) Only
(4) (A), (B), (C) Only

3. Which of the following are advantages of stock taking ?
(A) Helps librarian to replace the essential lost books
(B) Reveals the lost books
(C) Helps the library authorities to ascertain as to whether the library staff is dishonest, negligent and careless
(D) Cost of stock verification is not commensurate with the cost of books misplaced and is an added expenditure

(1) (A), (C), (D) Only
(2) (A), (B), (C) Only
(3) (B), (C), (D) Only
(4) (A), (B), (D) Only

4. Job description implies the recording of the following data concerning each job analysed.
(A) Fixing the money value of job and comparing one job with another
(B) Principal duties to be performed and responsibilities involved are outlined
(C) Requisite materials, equipments, machinery and tools etc are listed
(D) Conditions of work i.e surroundings the time of work etc. are stated

(1) (A), (B), (C) Only
(2) (B), (C), (D) Only
(3) (A), (C), (D) Only
(4) (A), (B), (D) Only

5. What are the requisite materials for Newark charging system for the book ?
(A) Date slip
(B) Date label
(C) Book pocket
(D) Book card

(1) (A), (C), (D) Only
(2) (A), (B), (C) Only
(3) (B), (C), (D) Only
(4) (A), (B), (D) Only

6. Every OS has which permanently resides in the main memory of the computer to perform some of its basic functions.
(A) Interface
(B) Kernel
(C) Nucleus
(D) Compiler (E) Shell

(1) (A) and (B) Only
(2) (B) and (C) Only
(3) (C) and (D) Only
(4) (D) and (E) Only

7. When the sender and the receiver of an e-mail are on different systems, in order to send message over internet we need
(A) Two UAs
(B) Pair of MTAs

(1) (A) and (C) Only
(2) (A) and (B) Only
(3) (B) and (D) Only
(4) (C) and (D) Only

8. The AR App “Timescape : Kolkata” is developed by
(A) University of Liverpool
(B) Jadavpur University
(C) British Library
(D) Calcutta University
(E) Mellon foundation

(1) (A), (B), (C) Only
(2) (B), (C), (D) Only
(3) (C), (D), (E) Only
(4) (B), (D), (E) Only

9. Which of the following are the types of content management system ?
(A) Web content management system
(C) Collaborative content management system
(D) Digital Research Repository system
(E) Unicode content management system

(1) (A), (C), (E) Only
(2) (A), (B), (D) Only
(3) (A), (C), (D) Only
(4) (B), (C), (E) Only

10. National Digital Heritage Archive is a program that is a partnership between
(A) National Library of Newzealand
(B) Library of Congress
(C) Ex Libris group
(D) Mellon Foundation
(E) Sun microsystems

(1) (A), (B), (C) Only
(2) (B), (D), (E) Only
(3) (A), (C), (E) Only
(4) (C), (D), (E) Only

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