UGC NET December 2018 Paper 2 Library Science (71-80)

List I List II
(A) PERT (I) used for the physical and logical descriptions of system
(B) DFD (II) generally two pairs of time/cost estimates a normal cost/time schedule and a crash cost/time schedule
(C) CPM (III) Event, Activity, Dummy activity, Merge event
(D) Libual (IV) based on users evaluation

List I List II
(A) Packet filtering firewall internal user (I) used in a situation in which the system administrators trust
(B) Stateful packet inspection firewall packet (II) Applies a set of rules to each incoming and outgoing IP
(C) Application level Gateway packet filters (III) Also called application proxy tends to be more secure than
(D) Circuit level Gateway (IV) Tighten up the rules for TCP traffic by creating a directory of outbound TCP connections


List I List II
(A) TYPOS (I) Ruby
(B) Magnolia (il) PHP
(C) Umbraco (Ill) C#
(D) Radiant (IV) Java


List I List II
(A) Cite Score (I) Weight value based on subject-field quality and reputation of Journal
(B) SJR (II) Calculates number of times article has been cited over 5 years
(C) Eigen factor (III) Provides insights into way people interact with individual pieces of research output
(D) Plum X metric (IV) Number of citations that a manuscript received over 4 years


List I List II
(A) National Centre for Science Information (I) Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
(B) National Social Sciences Information Centre (Il) SNDT Women’s University, Bombay
(C) National Humanities Information Centre (II) MS University, Baroda
(D) Information and Library (IV) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

(1) (A)-(I),(B)-(II),(C)-(III),(D)-(IV)
(2) (A)-(II),(B)-(III),(C)-(IV),(D)-(I)
(3) (A)-(III),(B)-(IV),(C)-(I),(D)-(II)
(4) (A)-(IV),(B)-(III),(C)-(II),(D)-(I)

6. Arrange the following concepts in the reverse order of their application :
(A) Wisdom
(B) Data
(C) Information
(D) Knowledge


7. Arrange in sequence the steps of Browne Charging System.
(A) due date is stamped on the due date slip
(B) the call no. and borrower number are recorded in the daily circulation work
(C) Book card coupled with the readers pocket is filled in the charging tray behind the respective due date card by call number
(D) Counter assistant takes the book card out of the book pocket and slips it into the borrower's ticket


8. Sequence the following in the order of their year of release :
(A) Intute
(C) JiSe
(D) SciCentral

(1).(C), (D), (B), (A)
(2).(D), (C), (A), (B)
(3).(C), (B), (A), (D)
(4).(B), (C), (D), (A)

9. Arrange the following functional phases of SDI service in a logical sequence.
(A) Modification
(B) Notification
(C) Selection
(D) Feedback

(1).(C), (B), (D), (A)
(2).(C), (D), (A), (B)
(3).(B), (C), (D), (A)
(4).(A), (B), (C), (D)

10. Arrange the steps involved in POPSI to prepare the index entries in a logical sequence.
(A) Display of components
(B) Verbal representation
(C) Approach terms
(D) Alphabetical arrangement
(E) Cross reference

(1).(B), (A), (C), (E), (D)
(2).(A), (B), (D), (C), (E)
(3).(C), (B), (A), (D),(E)
(4).(E), (B), (D), (A), (C)

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