Maharashtra SET 2021 Paper 2 (31-40)

1. Assertion (A) : Primary sources provide authentic information for research.
Reason (R) : Information in primary sources is highly unorganised.

2. Arrange the following in the chronological order of their first year of publication :
(i) Indian National Bibliography
(ii) Cumulative Book Index
(iii) Books in Print
(iv) British National Bibliography

3. Arrange the following services in evolutionary sequence :
(i) Web form
(ii) Ask a service
(iii) e-mail
(iv) Social Networking

4. Guidelines for implementing and maintaining “virtual reference services” is prepared by ........

5. Who is called as the “Father of Reference Service” ?

6. Which of the following information products are based on review type of library services ?
(i) Current Awareness Service
(ii) Trend Reports
(iii) Newspaper Clippings
(iv) State of the Art Report

7. Which of the following are alerting services ?
(i) Current Awareness Service
(ii) Selective Dissemination of Information
(iii) Document Delivery Service
(iv) Electronic Clipping Services

8. Statement (A) : CAS is speedy announcement of newly acquired information or documents.
Statement (B) : SDI is a CAS, which alerts users with latest publications in specific field of interest.

9. Statement (A) : Indian libraries are making optimum use of social networking.
Statement (B) : Social networking has wider role in dissemination of information.

10. Statement (A) : Fact finding information can be easily obtained using handbooks, dictionaries, directories etc.
Statement (B) : A comprehensive literature search can also be conducted using fact finding sources.

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