Maharashtra SET 2021 Paper 2 (41-50)

1. Match the following :
List I List II
(a) Information about best books (i) Support service
(b) Guidance to use citation mannual (ii) Webliography
(c) Providing print outs of articles (iii) Readers advisory
(d) Providing list of URLs (iv) User education

2. Match the following :
List I List II
(a) CAPS (i) OCLC, US
(b) World Share (ii) NLM, USA
(c) DOCLINE (iii) BL, UK
(d) BLDSS (iv) NISCAIR, India

3. Match the following :
List I List II
(a) User education (i) Digest service
(b) Information repackaging (ii) Bibliographic service
(c) Translation (iii) Reference service
(d) Indexing (iv) Support service

4. Following are web scale discovery tools :
(i) Mendeley
(ii) Endnote
(iii) Vufind
(iv) Summon

5. Match the following :
List I List II
(a) Twitter (i) Collective Wisdom
(b) Wikipedia (ii) Audio streaming
(c) RSS feeds (iii) Microblog
(d) Podcast (iv) Alerts

6. Which among the following is a free audio book site ?

7. Which agency developed EZ-proxy software for remote authentication of users for accessing e-resources ?

8. Who founded JSTOR in the year 1995 ?

9. Select the right chronological sequence of the following information systems, as per their year of establishment :
(i) INIS
(ii) AGRIS
(iii) NISSAT
(iv) Patent Information System,India

10. Assertion (A) : INFLIBNET hosts the Sodhganga Theses repository.
Reason (R) : INFLIBNET is an Inter-University Centre of the UGC.

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