Maharashtra SET 2021 Paper 2 (21-30)

1. Assertion (A) : Information Literacy is the process of knowing when and why information is required, where to find it and how to evaluate, use and communicate it in an ethical way.
Reason (R) : Information Literacy is the ability to use a computer and its software to accomplish practical tasks.

2. Assertion (A) : Recent advances in information and communication technology and its utility have forced the university libraries to provide computerized information services.
Reason (R) : UGC does not provide any financial assistance to university libraries for computerization.

3. Assertion (A) : Library and Information services are crucial for meeting learning needs of the masses.
Reason (R) : State policy for public library and information services is essential.

4. Intute is a .........
(i) Free online service
(ii) Best web resources for education
(iii) Commercial online service
(iv) Internet guide

5. The frequency of “Guide to Indian Periodical Literature” is ..............

6. What is geographical reference source ‘globe’ ?

7. INSPEC – A Bibliographical database deals with :

8. Theses are ........ type of documents.

9. ........ are the examples of deep web.
(ii) Lycos Invisible catalogue
(iii) ipl2
(iv) Altavista

10. Match the following :
List I List II
(a) Books in print (i) Proquest
(b) The Statesman’s yearbook (ii) Microsoft
(c) Ulrich’s international periodicals directory (iii) Palgrave MacMillan
(d) Encarta Encyclopedia (iv) R. R. Bowkar

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