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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test June 2018 Paper 2 (81-90)

Maharashtra State Eligibility Test Solved Question Paper June 2018

1.Which of the components are covered in ‘‘WAMP’’ ?
(i) Windows
(ii) Apache
(iii) MySQL
(iv) Python
Codes :

2. In the context of digital archives, ‘‘Trigger Event’’ means :
(i) When the publisher no longer offers back issues
(ii) When a library stops subscription to the e-contents
(iii) When a publisher ceases to publish a title
(iv) When the library deny to pay for the e-contents stored in archives
Codes :

3. Match the following : List I (a) Php My Library
(b) Koha
(c) ABCD
(d) NewGenlib
List II
(i) Kapito communications
(ii) Polerio T. Babao III
(iii) Verus Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
(iv) BIREME and Flemish Interuniversity Council, Belgium
Codes :

4. Assertion (A) : Linked data’s main premise is that multiple data sets can be uniformly accessed and interpreted facilitating knowledge integration and sharing.
Reason (R) : The uniform interface enables answering more complex question by combining multiple linked data sets.
Codes :

5. Assertion (A) : Big data is a product of data being generated constantly and rapidly.
Reason (R) : Due to the omnipresence of persoal computing devices and smart phones, indivdiuals generate massive amount of data leading to Big data.
Codes :

6. Arrange the library automation planning steps in a proper logical way.
(i) Putting your systems into place.
(ii) Describing existing library services and technology.
(iii) Evaluating proposals and selecting a system.
(iv) Assessing needs and setting priorities.
Codes :

7. Identify logical sequences of the following chapters in a research report ?
(i) Introduction
(ii) Findings and suggestions
(iii) Literature review
(iv) Data analysis and interpretation
Codes :

8. Identify correct sequence of Steven’s four levels of measurement scales :
(i) Ordinal
(ii) Interval
(iii) Nominal
(iv) Ratio
Codes :

9. Match the following :
List I
(a) Statistical Bibliography
(b) Librametry
(c) Bibliometrics
(d) Scientometrics
List II
(i) Allen Pritchard
(ii) V.V. Nalimov
(iii) E.W. Hulme
(iv) S.R. Ranganathan
Codes :

10. Open-ended questions ________
(i) Mostly provide qualitative data.
(ii) Provide data in respondent’s own words.
(iii) Provide data based on the predefined options provided by the researcher
(iv) Generally get less response
Codes :

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