Maharashtra State Eligibility Test June 2018 Paper 2 (71-80)

1. Which of the following is not a transmission medium ? (i) Modem
(ii) Co-axial cables
(iii) NIC
(iv) Microwave system
Codes :

2. Which technology uses electromagnetic waves at radio frequencies for data transmission ?

3. Loss of signal power as light travels down the fibre is called ____________

4. Web search engines store information about many web pages with the help of ____________

5. Data encryption techniques are particularly used for ______________

6. Which layer of the OSI model has the function of providing authorization to the correct user ?

7. Which evaluation criteria of library automation software deals with the handling of number of concurrent users ?

8. Open DOAR was developed as a result of collaboration between

9. Which digital archive constitutes equal number of participating librarians and publishers in its Board of Director ?

10. Which standard model is used for data interchange on web ?

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