Maharashtra State Eligibility Test June 2018 Paper 2 (91-100)

1. ____________ and ____________ are the procedures for selecting samples through simple random method.
(i) Identifying samples conveniently
(ii) Listing of participants categorywise and choosing samples from each category
(iii) Numbering all the elements of the population and then selecting samples using table of random numbers
(iv) Selecting samples by lottery system
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2. Assertion (A) : The ‘diary’ technique enables to collect data about daily activities and experiences of the respondents, recorded by himself.
Reason (R) : The ‘diary’ technique is the most used technique in Delphi research.
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3. Assertion (A) : Techniques based on citation counting are not suitable for assessing performance of a researcher.
Reason (R) : Assessment based on the citation counting is not approved by the UGC.
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4. ‘Impact Factor’ is a measure of assessment of ______

5. The current producer of Web of Science is

6. In ................. sampling method, researcher requests respondents to help identify other potential respondents

7. ‘Cranfield Studies’ are associated with

8.The ‘Methodology’ section of a research proposal includes ____________
(i) Population and sample of the research.
(ii) Results of the prior research.
(iii) Information about data collection techniques and tools to be used in research.
(iv) Findings of the present research.
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9. Match the following :
List I
(a) Research based on futuristic opinions of panel of experts.
(b) Research leading to generalization based on samples.
(c) Indepth research based on data collected by using multiple tools and techniques.
(d) A research carried to test ‘cause effect relationship’.
List II
(i) Case study
(ii) Experimental
(iii) Survey
(iv) Delphi
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10. Identify the odd component from the following :

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