Maharashtra State Eligibility Test June 2018 Paper 2 (31-40)

1. Who has suggested ‘‘Minimum, middling and maximum’’ theories of reference service ?

2. The concept of ‘‘Ask Library Anything’’ is originally initiated by_____________

3. Which of the following are functions of intermediary ?
(i) Searching data and information
(ii) Acquisition of library material
(iii) Analysing data and information
(iv) Manage library activities efficiently
Codes :

4. Statement (A) : Information intermediary shall possess information analysis, retrieval and communication skills.
Statement (B) : Most library professionals working in research and University libraries possess these skills.
Codes :

5. Statement (A) : Machine translation is not a fully dependable service.
Statement (B) : Manual translation is fully dependable as it is provided by Language and subject experts.
Codes :

6. Match the following :
List I List II
(a) NISCAIR (i) 1958
(b) DESIDOC (ii) 1970
(c) SENDOC (iii) 1929
(d) ICAR (iv) 2002
Codes :

7. Identify the correct sequence of the following activities associated with research data :
(i) Data collection
(ii) Construction of frequency tables
(iii) Cleaning of data
(iv) Presentation of data in charts
Codes :

8. Resource sharing among libraries is forced by :
(i) Price escalation
(ii) Government Orders
(iii) Information Explosion
(iv) Weather conditions
Codes :

9. Match the following :
List I
List II
(i) Textiles and allied subjects
(ii) Machine tools
(iii) Chemical and allied industries
(iv) Leather Technology
Codes :

10. The term ‘Lexicography’ is associated with:

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