Maharashtra State Eligibility Test June 2018 Paper 2 (41-50)

1. Which one among the following is a publication of AGRIS ?

2. The input centre for INIS in India is _____________

3. Which of the following are not services of INFLIBNET ?
(i) SOUL
(ii) World Cat
(iii) e-Sodh Sindhu
(iv) Translation
Codes :

4. Assertion (A) : Quality of Information received from the Internet is to be evaluated
Reason (R) : Anybody can publish on the Internet
Codes :

5. Assertion (A) : A patient helps to maintain Intellectual Property Rights on an invention
Reason (R) : A patent is a primary source of information
Codes :

6. Arrange the following steps of reference services in its right sequence :
(i) Query analysis
(ii) Reference interview
(iii) Formulation of search strategy
(iv) Notification
Codes :

7. Which of the following is an isolate ?

8. Emptying digit is used in colon classification to provide _____________

9. Web OPACs are _______

10. AACR-I (1967) was prepared by ___________
(a) The Library Association, London
(b) American Library Association
(c) The Library of Congress
(d) The Canadian Library Association
Codes :

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