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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test June 2018 Paper 2 (21-30)

1. Assertion (A) : Every book in a library should have a chance of finding its appropriate reader.
Reason (R) : Introduce an arrangement in which books have a chance of catching the attention of readers.
Codes :

2. The weekly news digest ‘Facts on File’ covers :

3. ‘TechXtra’ is a _______
(i) Free Gateway Service
(ii) Commercial Gateway Service
(iii) Learning resources in Engineering, Mathematics and Computing
(iv) Source to find articles, books and industrial new
Codes :

4. LOTSS is a ____________

5. ‘‘Grey’’ Literature means ___________

6. Census of India is a .............. type of database

7. Which of the following are geographical sources ?
(i) Gazetteers
(ii) Atlases
(iii) Encyclopaedias
(iv) Year Books
Codes :

8. Match the following :
List I
(a) Origin of words
(b) Synonyms words
(c) How to install a gadget
(d) Address of Oxford University
List II
(i) World of Learning
(ii) Dictionary of Etymology
(iii) Manual
(iv) Thesaurus
Codes :

9. Assertion (A) : Subject gateways are alternative to search engines.
Reason (R) : Subject gateways do not provide detailed description of relevant information sources.
Codes :

10. Arrange the following indexing sources according to the year of their first publication :
(i) Biological abstracts
(ii) Chemical abstracts
(iii) Index medicus
(iv) Poole’s index to periodical literature
Codes :

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