Maharashtra State Eligibility Test June 2018 Paper 2 (11-20)

1. Which is the database created by NISCAIR (Former INSDOC) :

2. INSDOC has developed ________ Library Automation Software.

3. Goa state enacted the Public Library Act in ___________

4. Match the following :
List I
(a) Karnataka Public Libraries Act
(b) Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Act
(c) Maharashtra State Public Libraries Act
(d) Madras Public Libraries Act
List II
(i) 1967
(ii) 1960
(iii) 1948
(iv) 1965
Codes :

5. Which of the following are the National Libraries ?
(i) England Library, Great Britain
(ii) Library of Congress, USA
(iii) Bibliotheque Nationale de France
(iv) National Diet Library, Japan
Codes :

6. Which committees were appointed concerning medical libraries in India ?
(i) Krishna Rao Committee
(ii) Bhore Committee
(iii) Sankaran Committee
(iv) Ekbote Committee
Codes :

7. Which of the following are Sectoral Information Centres ?
(i) National Information Centre for Food Science and Technology
(ii) National Information Centre for Management
(iii) National Information Centre for Microbiology
(iv) National Information Centre for Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
Codes :

8. Arrange the following Library Associations in order of their establishment :
(i) IFLA
(ii) ILA
(iii) IASLIC
(iv) ALA
Codes :

9. Arrange chronologically the following universities where Library Science Education was started in India :
(i) Banaras Hindu University
(ii) Gujarat University
(iii) Madras University
(iv) Delhi University
Codes :

10. Assertion (A) : The individual variable should be excluded in information gathering and information seeking bahaviour studies.
Reason (R) : Systematic efforts to know how information is gathered and used by different categories of users are known as user studies.
Codes :

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