Maharashtra State Eligibility Test June 2018 Paper 2 (1-10)

1. Who among the following have developed pre-coordinate indexing systems?
(i) S.R. Ranganathan
(ii) Mortimer Taube
(iii) Larry Page
(iv) Derek Austin
Codes :

2. According to APA style what is the correct sequence of bibliographical elements in a reference entry of a journal article :

3. Identify the modes of information generation :
(i) Observation
(ii) Data
(iii) Textbooks
(iv) Thought process
Codes :

4. According to ACRL ‘Scholarly Communication’ involves the following steps :
(i) Publication
(ii) Discovery and Dissemination
(iii) Research, Data Collection and analysis
(iv) Stock verification
Codes :

5. Arrange the following Acts according to their enactment year :
(i) The Right to Information Act
(ii) The Right to Education Act
(iii) The Information Technology Act
(iv) The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Codes :

6. Statement (A) : The concept ‘Knowledge industry’ was introduced by Fritz Machlup in 1962.
Statement (B) : A systematic model of communication was developed by Watzlawick in 1992.
Codes :

7. Who is associated with information measure ?

8. Who expanded the Shannon and ‘Weaver’s Linear model of communication ?

9. Every year ‘World Intellectual Property’ day is celebrated on ...........

10. The term ‘Data’ came from which language ?

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