Maharashtra State Eligibility Test January 2018 Paper 3 (11-20)

1. Theory of Psychology of human resources is developed by :

2. Classification Research Group (CRG) was formed in :

3. ______________ categorized documents into primary, secondary and tertiary.

4. Which of the following statements are true in the reference of “All Expert” service ?
(i) It is an e-mail reference service
(ii) It covers all subjects
(iii) It is free service
(iv) It is fee based service
Codes :

5. According to AACR2, The Maharashtra Universities Act, 1994 will be rendered as :

6. Special features of geographical sources are :
(i) Scale
(ii) Revision
(iii) RPM
(iv) Projection
Codes :

7. KOHA Software was developed at :

8. Match the following and select the correct answer from the codes given below :
List I
(a) OCLC
(c) IISc
(d) NLM
List II
(i) Bio-Med
(ii) Web-Dewey
(iii) N-List
(iv) Digital Library of India

9. P.V. Verghese prize is awarded by Indian Library Association for :

10. N-LIST programme of INFLIBNET is mainly for :
List I

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