Maharashtra State Eligibility Test January 2018 Paper 3 (1-10)

 Thirunavukkarasu TC  Apr 22, 2020
1. Arrange the following steps in thesaurus construction in logical order :
(i) Selection of terms
(ii) Analysis of terms
(iii) Recording of terms
(iv) Alphabetical thesaurus production
Codes :

2. Which is the first step in literature search ?

3. Match the following with the help of codes given below and select the correct answer from the codes given below :
List I
(a) Symbiosis between classification and cataloguing
(b) UBC
(c) CIP (1971)
(d) Pre-natal cataloguing
List II
(ii) Mutualism
(iii) Ranganathan
(iv) Library of Congress
Codes :

4. The concept of “Ask Library Anything” was originally initiated by :

5. Statement (A) : Stock verification is essential in the collection development in Academic Libraries.
Statement (B) : Stock verification is not a time consuming process.
Select the correct answer from the codes given below :
Codes :

6. DOAJ lists ______________
(i) Free journals
(ii) Online journals
(iii) Subscription based journals
(iv) Printed journals
Codes :

7. Match the following and select the correct answer from the codes given below :
List I
(a) MITX
(b) Udacity
(c) Coursera
List II
(i) Daphne Koller & Andrew Ng.
(ii) IIT Kanpur
(iii) Anant Agarwal
(iv) Sebastian Thurn
Codes :

8. Identify the correct logical sequence :

9. Matching and non-matching grants to public libraries in India are given by :

10. Which of the following National Library receives e-books and e-journals as deposits ?

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