Maharashtra State Eligibility Test January 2018 Paper 3 (21-30)

1. “Facts, concepts or instructions in a formalised manner suitable for communication”, is the definition of information given by :

2. In ‘medicine’ main class of CC the isolate ‘treatment’ is part of which facet ?

3. Science Direct database is developed by :

4. What is the relationship between ISBD and Cataloguing codes ?

5. Which of the following journal is now been made available as open access journal ?

6. LOCKSS is an initiative of :

7. Match the following and select the correct answer from the codes givencbelow :
List I
(a) Registration of Books Act
(b) Delivery of Books Act
(c) Copyright Act
(d) Right to Information Act
List II
(i) State Central Library
(ii) Central Reference Library
(iii) Getting Required Information
(iv) Ownership of Intellectual Property

8. Assertion (A) : Many of the big libraries are going for cloud computing.
Reason (R) : Cloud computing has helped them to avoid locally hosting and operating multiple servers.
Codes :

9. In the research context, the phrase “focus group” is associated with :

10. Statement (A) : The UNESCO Public Library Manifesto, 1972 stated that, “The public library should be established under the clear Mandate of law”.
Statement (B) : IFLA/UNESCO Public Library Manifesto 1994 stated that, “The public library shall in principle be free of charge”.
Codes :

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