Maharashtra State Eligibility Test January 2018 Paper 3 (31-40)

1. Match the following and select the correct answer from the codes given below :
List I
(a) Public Library Extension
(b) Academic Library Management
(c) University Libraries for Developing Countries
(d) Planning Academic and Research Library Building
List II
(i) K.D. Metcalf
(ii) M.A. Gelfand
(iii) L.R. McColvin
(iv) M.B. Line

2. Arrange the following acts according to their enactment years :
(a) Digital Millennium Act
(b) Right to Information Act
(c) Information Technology Act
(d) Indian Copyright Act
Codes :

3. PERT is used for managing the :

4. Among the different Boolean operators ‘AND’ is used to :

5. “Jotspot” is used for the creation of :

6. Which of the following are not reference services ?
(i) Preparation of user profile
(ii) Initiation of freshman
(iii) Compilation of documentationlist
(iv) Reader Advisory Service
Codes :

7. In OSI model which layer is in between Physical layer and Network layer ?

8.Which of the states have enacted library legislation in the year 1993 ?
(i) Mizoram
(ii) Goa
(iii) Kerala
(iv) Haryana
Codes :

9. INSPEC — A Bibliographical database deals with :

10. Which of the following law is related with “author productivity” ?

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