Maharashtra State Eligibility Test January 2018 Paper 3 (41-50)

1. Which association’s tagline is “managing information” ?

2. Assertion (A) : Computerization of public libraries in India is slow.
Reason (R) : Non-availability of resources.
Codes :

3. A copyright law usually aims at the following features :
(i) Stimulate creative authorship
(ii) Public availability of intellectual works
(iii) Freedom of access to information
(iv) Profit making by publishers
Codes :

4. Scientific management period is known in the years :

5. The 23rd edition of DDC contains ______________ tables

6. Scanned content pages of current journals sent through e-mail is a(n) ______________

7. Which of the following are not web 2.0 tools ?
(i) Ontologies
(ii) Facebook
(iii) Intelligent Web
(iv) RSS Feeds
Codes :

8. “Library Herald” is the publication of :

9. Who coined the term ‘Scientometrics’ ?

10. Which state public library Act provides for an independent minister for library services ?

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