Maharashtra State Eligibility Test May 2016 Paper 1 (11-20)

1. Which of the following sampling methods is based on probability
Judgement sampling
Stratified sampling
Quota sampling
Convenience sampling

2. Field study is concerned with
real life situations
doing laboratory studies in the outdoors
experimental approach
collecting selective data

Answer question Nos. 3 to 8 based on either the English passage:
When a person claims to be non violent, he is expected not to be angry with one who has injured him. He will not wish him harm; he will wish him well; he will not swear at him; he will not cause him any physical hurt. He will put up with all the injury to which he is subjected by the wrong-doer. Thus non- violence is complete innocence.Complete non-violence is complete absence of ill-will against all that lives. It therefore embraces even sub- human life, not excluding noxious insects or beasts. They have not been created to feed our destructive propensities. If we only knew the mind of the Creator, we should find their proper place in His creation. Non violence is therefore in its active form goodwill towards all life. It is pure Love.
Non-violence is a perfect state. It is a goal towards which all mankind moves naturally though unconsciously. Man does not become divine when he personifies innocence in himself. Only then does he become truly man. In our present state, we are partly men and partly beasts and in our ignorance and even arrogance say that we truly fulfill the purpose of our species, when we deliver blow for blow and develop the measure of anger required for the purpose.
3. A truly non-violent person would not even
take revenge upon his enemy
have ill will for his enemy
cause his enemy some injury
destroy his enemy

4. The idea of non-violence concerns
progressive societies
insects and animals
all forms of life

5. Which of the following statements is true
Complete non-violence is the absence of will power
Non-violence is pure love for all whom we know
All living beings have their proper place in the universe
A non-violent person is always passive

6. At present. man is partly in his behaviour and attitude.

7. Non-violence is pure

8. The most appropriate title for the passage is
The advantages of non-violence
It is really possible to be nonviolent
Non-violence as a political ideology
The spirit of non-violence

9. In the context of face to face interpersonal communication which of the following is an incorrect statement
Verbal signs or signals are more in terms of quantum and variety
Non-verbal signs or signals are difficult to control
In case of confusion over meaning, verbal signs are trusted less
Non-verbal signs or signals are mostly involuntary

10. In which of the following types of communication the potential for getting quick, significant and reliable feedback is maximum
Mass Communication
Group Communication
Interpersonal Communication
Inter-group Communication

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