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Maharashtra State Eligibility Test May 2016 Paper 1 (1-10)

1. Application of course-content in day-to-day life is mainly achieved through
Demonstration method
Project method
Field visit
Inquiry method

2. In order to monitor students’ progress and to modify teaching accordingly, the best method of evaluation is
formative evaluation
summative evaluation
qualitative evaluation
objective-based evaluation

3. The question. “How would you prove that the earth is round or not round ?” is based on the objective

4. Which of the following is not essential for good teaching
Human-relations skills
Communication skills
Attractive personality
Knowledge of appropriate teaching methods

5. The most important purpose of ‘guidance’ of students is to
help them to understand their own shortcomings
help them to change their faulty behavior
make them capable of helping themselves
direct them about the right path

6. The best method of increasing the motivation to learn is
punishing inattention during learning
asking difficult questions while teaching
explaining. in the beginning. the purpose of teaching a unit
using a variety of audio-visual aids

7. A research problem is primarily chosen depending upon
its relevance
available funds
interest of the researcher
availability of literature

8. Which of the following is a primary source of information
A research review
A recently written text-book
A research article published in a standard journal
A multi-author treatise published in the year 2015

9. A research report showed that the population of a country increased from 20 million in 1941 AD. to 60 million in 2000 AD. The study can best be described as

10. A hypothesis is not always necessary in studies.

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