Maharashtra State Eligibility Test May 2016 Paper 1 (21-30)

1. Identify the incorrect pair of media and its performance indicator from the following
Newspapers - Circulation
Cinema - Box Office
Television - TVT
Radio - ROD

2. In the context of FM Radio the abbreviation FM stands for
Frequency Manipulation
Frequency Modulation
Fidelity Modifier
Fidelity Modulation

3. The sitting arrangement in a typical classroom in which students face the teacher, encourages a communication which
facilitates easy interaction among students
give more communicative power to teacher for control
give equal communicative power to teacher and students
facilitates a multidirectional conversation

4. For a teacher what is the easiest and quickest location of getting the students' feedback in a classroom situation
Body language of students
Questions asked by students
The quality of class notes taken by them
Assignment submitted by them on the topic

5. For the sequence, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4,...n/n + l,... which of the following is not true
The sequence is strictly increasing
The sequence is bounded above by 0.99
The sequence is bounded below and bounded above
The sequence contains no number between 3/4 and 4/5

6. Which of the following is not a linguistic skill

7. Suppose that X is a set of some real numbers. From which of the following statements does not deduce the other statements
Between any two numbers in X, there is at least one number in X.
Between any two numbers in X. there are at least two numbers in X.
Between any two numbers in X, there are infinitely many numbers in X.
If X contains at least two numbers then X contains infinitely many numbers.

8. There are 7 persons in a party. The number of hands shaken all together in the party counted with multiplicity, cannot be

9. If two distinct circles in a plane are intersecting each other, then they intersect in
exactly one point
infinitely many points
at the most two points
exactly two points

10. If the word PRINCE is coded as 151781324 in a code language, then what should be the code for the word KING in the same language

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