Karnataka SET (KSET) 2013 Paper 1 General (21-30)

1. One of the non structural methods for controlling flood damage is ________
Maintaining wet lands
Improved drainage
Improving flow conditions
Constructing reservoirs

2. Among the following which is an example of “Ecosystem people” ?
Formers involved in intensive agriculture
Formers practicing organic forming for export
Tribals collecting resources from forests
Cattle ranchers involved in mass production

3. National Council of Higher Education and Research is being set up by the MHRD to
Develop a national and uniform system of higher education in the country
Ensure comparable standards of certification in higher education and research
Engage in research in higher education that is of national value
To regulate and control higher education institutions all over the country

4. A successful teacher is one who is
Compassionate and disciplinarian
Quite and reactive
Tolerant and dominating
Passive and active

5. Which is the correct abbreviation for the apex institute of educational planning administration in India ?

6. Private enterprise is highly prominent in India at the level of
School education
Graduate level general education
Professional education
Nursery education

7. Reservation in professional higher education opportunities is adopted in India because
It helps to please political groups of the country
It enables lower strata of society for a better standard of living
It compensates for social and economic handicaps of certain sections of the population
It reflects the commitment of the government of the poor people

8. Which of the following is the most important quality for a teacher ?
Content mastery
Content mastery and communication competency

9. Curriculum means
All the experiences to which students get exposed in a college
Subjects that are transacted by faculty
Syllabus prescribed for the course
Classroom experiences, sports and games

10. Integrating any kind of technology in teaching-learning automatically enhances the learning level of students because
Teacher uses technology knowing the needs of classroom
A suitable instructional plan is developed by integrating technology
Use of technology caters to the individual differences of the learners
All of the above

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