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Karnataka SET (KSET) 2013 Paper 1 General (11-20)

1. If KSET 2011 is coded as LUHX 3122 then how TREE 4233 will be coded ?
UTHH 5344
TUHH 4122
HHTU 4122
THHU 5344

2. The tenth number in the following series : 3,5,7,9, .... is

3. If “We are coming” is coded as ygctgeqokpi what does fcpigtcjgcf stand for ?
Danger ahead
Eating meals
Danger point
Tigers ahead

4. Two statements I and II given below are followed by one conclusion suppose the statements are correct which conclusions can be drawn ? I : Most graduates get jobs.
II : He is a graduate.
Conclusion :
He will get a job.

Definitely true
Definitely false
Probably true
Probably false

5. The average of the project grants received by a university was Rs. 5.56 crores. The average grants (in crores of rupees) received by the science departments and other departments were 5.2 and 5.8 respectively. What percentage of the beneficiaries were science departments ?

6. An opinion survey was conducted to know the preference of a new toothpaste. Totally, 2878 persons participated of which 1652 were males. 1226 persons voted against the toothpaste of which 796 were males. 1510 persons preferred the new toothpaste. 41 females were undecided in their opinion. The percentage of males among those preferring the toothpaste is

7. As high as 45% of the patients, brought to the outdoor clinics of 4 major staterun hospitals in Karnataka last year, were found to have cancer. What can be said about the incidence of cancer among the patients of Bangalore City ?
Must be alarmingly high
Must be less than 45%
Must be equal to 45%
The given data is insufficient to draw a valid conclusion

8. The price of a commodity first fell by 25% and then rose by 33 1/3%. What is the increase in price compared to the original price ?
8 1/3%
29 1/6%

9. Electronic funds transfer system make use of
Mark sensing
None of the above

10. Which of the following is used for serial access storage only ?
Magnetic disk
Core memory
Magnetic tape

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