Karnataka SET (KSET) 2013 Paper 1 General (31-40)

1. Most important and essential characteristics that student should possess
Self-motivation to learn
Patience with failures
Ability to memorise subjects
Prepare for examinations

2. Inspite of providing training in use of technology, a teacher is not coming out freely to use technology while teaching which of the following situations are responsible for the status ?
Lack of confidence
Fear of failure
Lack of facilities
All of the above

3. Programmed instruction is based on the following principle of learning
Primary reinforcement
Secondary reinforcement
Continuous reinforcement
Instruction based on programmes

4. Mass Communication refers to
Reaching a small group
Communicating within a state
Communicating with a small community
Communicating with a huge and diverse audience simultaneously

5. ‘Infotainment’ indicates
Predominant entertainment
Information oriented content
Combining information and entertainment content
Public issues and problems

6. One of the primary components for effective communication is
Planning the message
Attractive personality
Using of microphones
The age of the communicator

7. In communication ‘channel’ refers to
The medium employed
Content of the message
Noise in the message
Signals in the message

8.Intrapersonal communication means
When one person communicates with other
Two people interacting with a group
When a person communicates with himself
A typical classroom communication

9. The concept of ‘Global Village’ gained acceptance mainly because of the developments in the field of
Sea transport

10. Among the four terms marked A – D, three terms are similar and one is dissimilar, find the one that is not similar.

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