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Karnataka SET 2014 Paper 1 General (11-20)

1. ‘Mathematical model’ in communication is credited to
Osgood and Schramm
Shannon and Weaver
Rogers and Daniel Learner
Everette Rogers

2. ‘Cat Walk’ is a fine example for
Verbal communication
Interpersonal communication

3.Two statements I and II given below are followed by two conclusions (a) and (b).
You have to consider the statements are true. Which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements ?
Statements :
(I) All jungles are Elephants.
(II) Some Elephants are horses.
Conclusions :
(a) All horses are jungles.
(b) Some Elephants are jungles.

Only conclusion (a) follows
Only conclusion (b) follows
Neither conclusion (a) nor conclusion (b) follows
Both conclusion (a) and (b) follow

4. In the following question a statement is followed by two assumptions (i) and (ii). An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted.
Consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the following assumptions is implicit in the statement ?
Statement : “Enroll with us before 15th December to get the advantage of our 20% discount offer”, an advertisement by a coaching class.
Assumptions :
(i) Discount offer is bound to attract good students as well.
(ii) Even those students who cannot afford to pay the fees of coaching classes may join this class.

Only assumption (i) is implicit
Only assumption (ii) is implicit
Neither assumption (i) nor (ii) is implicit
Both the assumptions are implicit

5. The question below is followed by two arguments (i) and (ii). Decide which of the arguments is “strong” and which is “weak”.
Choose the correct answer from the given below.
Statement : Should public holidays be declared on demise of important national leaders ?
Arguments :
(i) No, such unscheduled holiday hamper the national progress.
(ii) Yes, people would like to pay their homage to the departed soul.

Only the argument (i) is strong
Only the argument (ii) is strong
Neither argument (i) nor argument (ii) is strong
Both the arguments are strong

6. Among the four terms marked A – D, three terms are similar and one is dissimilar. Find the one that is not similar.
Loamy soil
Clayey soil
Olive oil

7. Choose the pair of words which shows the same relationship as given at the top. Skein : Yarn
Squeeze : Lemon
Fire : Coal
Ream : Paper
Tree : Lumber

8. Which statement represents the inverse of the statement “If it is snowing, then skeeter wears a sweater” ?
If skeeter wear a sweater, then it is snowing.
If skeeter does not wear a sweater, then it is not snowing.
If it is not snowing, then skeeter does not wear a sweater.
If it is not snowing, then skeeter wears a sweater.

9. What is a unit of information ?

10. Which of the following is not a valid version of MS-Office ?
Office XP
Office Vista
Office 2007
Office 2010

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