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Karnataka SET 2014 Paper 1 General (21-30)

1. ERP is an acronym for
Enterprise Retirement Planning
Enterprise Relationship Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Re-order Planning

2. Trojan horse is
A software programme which provides functions within Microsoft Word
A software programme designed to detect computer virus
An application software designed to enhance the quality of an information system
A software programme that appears legitimate but contain hidden function that cause damage

3. Binary system of numbers uses only
1 and 2
0 and 1
2 and 3
3 and 4

4. The ability of an operating system to run more than one application at a time is called
Multi-user computing
Object oriented programming

5. The Head quarters of NAAC is situated in
New Delhi

6. The present Chairman of ICHR
Sa. Shettar
Ellapragada Sudershan Rao
Ramachandra Guha
Sheikh Ali

7. In Amarakantak, MP, a national University is established. Name it.
Indira Gandhi National Law University
Indira Gandhi National Women’s University
Indira Gandhi National Tribal University
Indira Gandhi National Open University

8. The first known residential International University of the world is
Magadh University
Nalanda University
Vikramashila University
Takshashila University

9. ‘Community Colleges’ scheme concentrates on
Technical education
General education
Vocational education
Adult education

10. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies is located at
New Delhi

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