Karnataka SET 2014 Paper 1 General (1-10)

 Thirunavukkarasu TC  Apr 26, 2016
1. Identify independent and dependent variables in this hypothesis : Running will increase a person’s heart rate.
Increase (IV), Person (DV)
Increase (DV), Person (IV)
Running (DV), Heart rate (IV)
Running (IV), Heart rate (DV)

2. Cricket score is what kind of variable ?
Continuous variable
Discrete variable
Both discrete and continuous variable
Intervening variable

3. One test that helps analyze observed frequency and expected frequency

4. What type is snowball sampling ?
Non-probability sampling
Probability sampling
Multi-stage sampling
Random sampling

5. Which is the research method predominantly used to study cultural anthropology ?
Panel discussion
Participant observation
Focus group discussion

6. While researching on Dr. U. R. Ananthamurthy, what kind of data are you collecting on the basis of interview with him ?
Secondary data
Primary data
Tertiary data
Filtered data

7. ‘The post broadcast media’ refers to
Folk media
Social media
Print media
Electronic media

8. The technique that was used by the Roman Catholic Church in 1622 to propagate the faith came to be known as
Religious propagation
Seminary discourse

9. The place where public opinions are formed as a result of communication
Public debate
Public sphere
Media byte
Media circle

10. ‘Big Boss’ is an example for
Virtual TV
Public TV
Reality TV

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