Gujarat State Eligibility Test December 2013 (GSET) Solved Paper 3 (41-50)

 Thirunavukkarasu TC  Dec 24, 2014
1. 'Fair use' is the norm for determining the legality of
Producing the second edition of a book
Photocopying an entire book
Making available a book to another library on inter-library loan
Prescribing a book as a textbook

2. In an Information Transfer cycle, the Publisher is at the following stage

3.Mean is
Average of all the scores in a distribution
Middlemost value in a distribution
Most frequently occuring value in a distribution
First value in a distribution

4.Identify the most appropriate method to conduct investigation on a single research object an attempt to gather extensive data about it
Survey Method
Case Study Method
Delphi Method
Content analysis

5. In Building Block Search Strategy to increase the precision, one can
Add a facet
Increase the Postings in the facet
Remove a facet
Increase the precision

6. Who has developed the PubMed database?
British Library
Indian Medical Association
National Library of India
US National Library of Medicine

7. A standard TQM tool would be

8. 'We cannot use the characteristics 'date of publication' and 'the date of first edition' one after the other to divide a universe of books." Identify the cannon that directs us to this guideline
Canon of Differentiation
Canon of Ascertainability
Canon of Permanance
Canon of Concomitance

9. Who profounded spiral of scientific method?

10. Arrange the following publications in their chronological order from the earliest to the latest
i) A.L.A list of Subject Headings
ii) Subject Headings used in the Dictionary Catalogues of the Library of Congress(Later changed to 'Library of Congress Subject Headings')
iii) Rules for a Dictionary Catalogue
iv) List of Subject Headings for Small Libraries (later changed to 'Sears' List of Subject Headings')
i, ii, iii, iv
iii, ii, i, iv
iii, i, ii , iv
i, iii, ii, iv

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