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Gujarat State Eligibility Test December 2013 (GSET) Solved Paper 3 (51-60)

1. Who suggested theories of reference service?
James Wyre
Melvil Dewey
William Katz

2. Match the following
I.Abstracting sevicesa.SCI
II. Translation servicesb.INB
III.Bibliographical servicesc.LISA
IV.Indexing servicesd.Index


3.Full-text online journals are examples of
Primary documents
Secondary documents
Tertiary documents
Meta documents

4.Which of the following is not true about formal communication?
It has arranged participants
It is scheduled in advance
It has random participants
It has a preset agenda

5. Match the following
I.Information that contributes to GNP a.Social Information
II.Information that changes human activityb.Technological Information
III.Information that establishes interaction between government and peoplec.Economic Information
IV.Information that forms a modern societyd. Political Information


6. Network Analysis Technique comprises
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Performance Appraisal

7. A probability which is associated with the occurence of an event is expressed as a number between
0 and 1
+1 and -1
-1 and 0
1 and <1

8. Identify the statement that is true about ISDN
ISDN is limited to transmission of voice only
ISDN is simply a point to point solution like a leased line
ISDN is purely digital communication
ISDN cannot provide simultaneous voice, video and text transmission

9. One gigabyte is equal to
2000 MB
1024 MB
1080 MB
1006 MB

10. Identify the correct sequence of the planning process
Strategies, Objectives, Mission, Goals
Goals, Mission, Objectives, Strategies
Strategies, Objectives, Goals, Mission
Objectives, Goals, Mission, Strategies

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