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Gujarat State Eligibility Test December 2013 (GSET) Solved Paper 3 (21-30)

1. Packet switching is
A store and forward switching system
A circuit switching system
An electromechanical switching system
A crossbar switching system

2. Assertion(A): Dot matrix printers are preferred for routine library printing by small libraries
Reason(R): Dot matrix printers are slow and cheap

(A) is true (R) is false
(A) is true (R) is true
(A) and (R) both are true
(A) and (R) both are false

3.Which budgeting system requires the budget request be re-evaluated thoroughly?
Line budget
Programme Planning and Budgeting System
Zero-Base Budgeting
Physical Quantity Budget

4. A drawing titled " Viewof Honolulu" sketched from nature by Paul emmert and printed by Briton and Rey at San Francisco would be entered in the main entry accordin to AACR-2 under the Heading:
View of Honolulu
Emmert, Paul
Briton and Rey
San Francisco

5. Analytico synthetic approach involves
enumerating main classes
Analysis of compund subject in facets
Building complex numbers
Creating devices

6. A translation pool is
A collection of translators
An agency holding collection of translated documents
An index of translated documents
A bibliography of translated documents

7. INSPEC is published by
American Physical Society
Institute of Engineering and Technology
Institute of Electronic Engineers
American Chemical Society

8. Lexicology is the science and art of compiling

9. Which of the following can be identified with Ranganthan's fifth Law of Library Science?
Providing SDI service
Providing open access
Providing analytical entries
Opening branch libraries

10. Match the following and choose the best option from the codes given below
List 1 List 2
1.National Knowledge Commission a.Bhattacharya
2.Berne Convention b.Sam Pitroda
3.Communication model c.Copyright
4.National Information Policy d.Shanon and Weaver

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