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Andhra Pradesh State Eligibility Test 2013 (APSET) Solved paper 3 (31-40)

1. INDEST is
Shared Budget Model Consortium
Open Model Consortium
Closed Group Model Consortium
Centrally Funded Model Consortium

2. Which cardinal points in the spiral of scientific method marks accumulation of facts obtained by observation experimentation etc. ?

3.In which qualitative measure response categories are termed ‘quantifiers’ and reflect the intensity of the particular judgement involved ?
Rating scale
Thurstone scale
Altitude scale
Arbitrary scale

4.The ratio of the unbiased estimates of two population variance is a measure of
Chi-square Distribution
Skewed Distribution

5. A chart in which some figures are broken down into its constituent parts is
Pie chart
Bar chart
Column chart
Band chart

6. Name the library which was extensively used by Hieun-Tsang in 400 AD
Taxila University Library
Vikramsila University Library
Jagaddala University Library
Nalanda University Library

7. Access to information by more than one user without any loss to the information accessed is
Information distribution
Information flow
Shareable Information
Information function

8. Text-based contents of a digital library can be stored and presented as
Simple text (ASCII)
Unstructured text
Structured text (XML)
All of the above

9. Name the scientist who said that information science is cluster of many disciplines where in the central core is information
B.C. Brookes
Fritz Machlup
Daniel Bell
N.J. Belkin

10. In recent years, the primary reason for growth of knowledge is because of

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