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Andhra Pradesh State Eligibility Test 2013 (APSET) Solved paper 3 (21-30)

1. Ontology is
An Indexing method
Classification of Internet based documents
Cataloguing of Internet based documents
Documentation service

2. In OSI model, which layer hosts the data presentation ?
Layer 4
Layer 5
Layer 6
Layer 7

3.An accepted format for communication between two devices is called
Data Communication
Data Switching
Data Transmission

4.Tagging in Web 2.0 application is called

5. One of the following is not covered by the Global Information Systems
Information from all parts of the world
Information is processed at a central place
Supplies information to all parts of the world
Deals with all the subjects

6. The network architecture of a host computer that controls satellite processors and devices which in turn control other satellite processors and devices is
Star Network
Ring Network
Hierarchical Network
Multipoint Network

7. The server model that interconnects programs that are distributed across different locations is
Web server
Client server
Proxy server
File server

8. The search strategy of search engines is
All of the above

9. The Invisible Web refers to
The Internet, since we cannot see it
That part of Internet, which is hidden from the search engines
The Telecommunication signals which are not seen
The failure in accessing the web pages

10. Ex-post Experimental design is a
Retrospective Research Model
Prospective Research Model
Partially Experimental Model
Experiment in Reverse Model

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