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Andhra Pradesh State Eligibility Test 2013 (APSET) Solved paper 3 (11-20)

1. 2011 was the centenary year of the publication of
Sears List of Subject Headings
Expansive Classification
Systematic Indexing
Grammar of Classification

2. Which of the following persons are associated with Post-coordinate Indexing Systems ?
Taube, Mooers, Batten
Taube, Austin, Coats
Taube, Austin, Garfield
Mooers, Taube, Garfield

3.A measure that is concerned with correctness of processing and result is

4.A subject of greater intention and smaller extension is called
Micro Subject
Macro Subject
Basic Subject

5. State the order and levels of human needs according to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Social → Physiological → Safety → Esteem
Physiological → Safety → Social → Esteem
Safety → Physiological → Social → Esteem
Esteem → Social → Safety → Physiological

6. Relational indexing system was developed by
D. Austin
T.C. Craven
E. Garfield
J. Farradane

7. Identify the different layers of a product
Core, basic, expected, augmented and potential
Core, basic, economical, potential
Core, basic, potential, beneficial
Core, basic, durable, potential

8. Asymmetrical distribution of data in a given research situation is called

9. Organization theory that treats an organization as a complex whole with a set of interrelated parts is
Contingency Theory
Human Relation Theory
Scientific Management Theory
Systems Theory

10. Which of the following engineering disciplines is covered by Scifinder scholar ?
Chemical Engineering
Ceramic Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering

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