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Andhra Pradesh State Eligibility Test 2013 (APSET) Solved paper 3 (1-10)

1. What are the “Activities which are undertaken with the objective of reaching people who might be unaware of the library” ?
Extension Services
Community Centres
Reading Room Services
Consultancy Services

2. Who is the Chairman of Review Committee (1974) appointed to evaluate working of A.P. Library Act ?
Iyyanki Venkata Ramanaiah
Gadichula Hari Sarvothama Rao
Kodati Narayana Rao
Gopala Rao Ekbote

3.Open Journal System is a
Open access to full text journals
Journal management and publishing system
Directory of open access journals
Open access to back volumes of journals

4.What is a ProQuest ?
Electronic publisher
Web-based information service provider
Archive of periodicals, dissertations
All of the above

5. ‘Kessing’s Record of World Events’ was formerly published as
Kessing’s World Events
Kessing’s Contemporary Archives
World Record Events
Kessing’s Record of Contemporary Events

6. Which one of the following is a full text database ?
Web of Science
Sciencefinder Scholar
Science Direct

7. International Translation Centre is functioning from
The Hague

8. ENVOC is the controlled vocabulary prepared by

9. The process of surrogation, of the primary literature that results in creation of secondary journals is
Abstracting and Indexing periodicals
House Journals
Electronic Journals

10. Web of Science is a
E-Journal Consortium
Primary Journal
Full text Database
Citation Indexing

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