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UGC NET June 2000 Paper II (1-10)

LIS QUIZ SERIES 1.In CC, the principle that helps in the identification of the personality category is
Cow-calf principle
Whole-organ principle
Neti-neti principle
Later-in-time principle

2.In DDC Phoneix schedules represent
Classes which are slightly modified
Classes which are completely changed
Classes to be modified in the future
Classes not to be modified

3.What is the relationship between ISBD and Cataloguing Codes?
They are not related at all
Cataloguing codes will include bibliographic description
ISBD includes cataloguing rules
ISBD can replace cataloguing codes

4.Which one of the following is not a part of the MARC record structure?
Record terminator
Check digit

5.Which of the following combinations is wrong
PRECIS-Derek Austin-BNB
KWIC-HP Luhn-Chemical titles
Citation Indexing-Eugine Garfield-SCI
Relational Indexing -EJ Coates - Biological Abstracts

6.Citation indexing was first developed in the field of
Social Sciences

7.In a thesaurus, under an item"Internal Migration', which of the following lines would you expect to find
BT Migration
NT Rural -to-Urban Migration
RT International Migration
All the above

8.The PERT approach is a device developed to
Better utilize of time in a series of activities
Allow studies to be made between people and machine
Analyses a workflow to facilitate decision-making
Establish quality control

9.The acronym "POSDCORB" was coined by
Gullick and Urwick

10.The basic theory regarding human motivation is propounded by

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