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Basics in Computer

1) _________ is considered to be the father of today’s computer.///Charles Babbage///

2) __________ invented the Slide Rule.///William Oughtred///

3) The first generation of computers used///vacuum tubes///for circuitry and ///magnetic drums///for memory.

4) Integrated circuits were used in ///THIRD// generation of computers.

5)///Hardware/// refers to the physical items associated with a computer system.

6) The hardware devices attached to the computer are called///Peripheral equipment///.

7) ///SOFTWARE/// refers to programs that make the computer to do some thing.

8) Software can be classified into/// System Software and Application Software///.

9) ///An operating system///is an integrated set of specialized programs that is used to manage the overall operations of a computer.

10) ///The compiler software///translates the whole source program into an object program.

11) A ///Mainframe computers// allows users to quickly and efficiently store, organize, retrieve, communicate and manage large amounts of information.

12) ///Digital //computers are useful in solving differential equation and integration.

13) The digital computers are classified into : ///Super computers,Mainframe computers, Mini computers and Micro computers.///

14) /Software///is the planned step-by-step instruction required to turn data into information.

15) ///DATA///is the raw material that is given to a computer for processing.

16) A //Personal Digital Assistants (PDA)//computer accepts handwritten input on a screen.

17) Raw data is processed by the computer into ///INFORMATION///.

18) PC refers to ///Personal Computers///.

19) ///An Application Software ///allows to create, edit, format, store and print text and graphics.

20) The word computing means ///‘an act of calculating’..///


1) The concept of using ‘electronic brains’ gave birth to computers./// TRUE///

2) The most powerful personal computers are known as super computers./// TRUE///

3) Blaise Pascal developed the tabulating machine using punched cards.///FALSE///

4) Herman Hollerith designed the difference engine.///FALSE///

5) Compilers translate higher level language into machine language. TRUE

6) Word processing is a type of task-oriented software.TRUE

7) Fifth generation computing devices is based on artificial intelligence.///TRUE///

8) The input devices accept data and send them to the processor./// TRUE///

9) A hybrid computing system is a combination of desirable features of analog and digital computers. TRUE

10) The personal computers are sometime called the home computers. TRUE


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