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UGC NET June 2000 Paper II (11-20)

1.The method of budgeting, which is not concerned with what happended previously but is more concerned with the requirement of the future is known as
Line Budget
Programme Budget
Formula Budget
Zero Based Budget

2.Among the different Boolean Operators "AND" is used
To widen the search
To narrow the search
To begin the search
to end the search

3.Which of the following is not a secondary source of information?
An encyclopedia
A textbook
A biographical dictionary

4.Which of the following reference source will you consult to locate information on the Pokhran test?
Encyclopedia Britannica
Asian Recorder
Commonwealth Universities Yearbook
Dictionary of National Biography

5.Information about Indian research studies on bakery and milling is input to IFIS through
The Central Rice Research Institute
Indian Agricultural Research Institute
National Institute of Nutrition
Central Food Technological Research Institute

6.Which of the following is not an example of Current Awarness Service(CAS)?
An Indexing Bulletin
Current Contents
A Reading List

7.Non-bibliographic Database contain
Numerical Data
Textual Data
Visual Data
All the above

8.Indexing and abstracting sources are available in print, optical and online. Among the three formats there is usually
a difference in price, but not in capability
no difference in price, but difference in capability
a difference both in price and in capability
no difference in price or capability

9.In an empirical study on the impact of television viewing on violence, violence would be
the dependent variable
an independent variable
an intervening variable
not a variable at all

10.A big difference between the mean and median is an indication that
there is a mistake in calculation
the calculation is correct
there is a wide variation in the data
None of the above

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