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UGC NET/SET Preparation Test Series - 7

1. Mainframe Computer process
(a) 1 Billion Computer process
(b) 10 thousand instructions per second
(c) 1 Million instructions per second
(d) 10 Million instructions per second

2. Which standard provides a systematic framework of understanding and implementing archival concepts needed for long term preservation and access?
(a) ISO 2709
(b) ISO 27001
(c) ISO 9000
(d) ISO 14721: 2012-OAIS

3. Digital Library used simple text or ASCII to store and present content in
(a) Audio
(b) Videos
(c) Text and Image
(d) None of the above

4. Webpage is created using Research
(b) Cobol and CSS
(c) HTML and CSS
(d) Cobol and XML

5. Which of the following company once owned the BIOSIS?
(a) Pro Quest
(b) ABI/Inform
(c) NTT Data
(d) Wolters Kluwer

6. What is 'JITSI'?
(a) Open Source project for state-of the art video conferencing tool
(b) Open source office management system
(c) Open source library management software
(d) Commercial video-conferencing tool

7. Which one of the following is University Enterprise Resource Planning initiative of NMEICT? though
(a) E-yantra
(b) Virtual Lab

8. Compendex is the most comprehensive bibliographical database covering all
(a) Commerce and allied discipline
(b) Engineering subjects
(c) Computer Science only
(d) Medical Science only

9. What is the name of patent database of CSIR?
(a) Eksawa
(b) Patentscope
(c) In Pass
(d) Patestate

10. The measure of the extent to which responses vary from the mean is called
(a) The mode
(b) The abnormal distribution
(c) The variance
(d) The standard deviation

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