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UGC NET/SET Preparation Test Series - 6

1. National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences is situated in:
(1) Mumbai
(2) Agra
(3) Chennai
(4) Bangalore

2. Application of Ranganathan's Laws to the web' is related to:
(1) Meggie Wright
(2) Alireza Noruzi
(3) Michael Gorman
(4) Talea Anderson

3. As per the Seventh Schedule under Article 246 of Constitution of India, which of the following libraries of National Importance are being financed by Ministry of Culture?
(A) Delhi Public Library, Delhi
(B) Central Reference Library, Kolkata
(C) Parliament Library, Delhi
(D) Connemara Public Library, Chennai

(1) (A) and (D) are correct
(2) (A) and (B) are correct
(3) (A) and (C) are correct
(4) (B) and (D) are correct

4. IFLA and UNESCO launched an updated Public Library Manifesto in?
(1) November 2021
(2) February 2022
(3) June 2022
(4) July 2022

5. Which Law of Library Science emphasises most on the enactment of Library Legislation:
(1) Second Law
(2) Third Law
(3) Fourth Law
(4) Fifth Law

6. Under RRRLF Financial Assistance Matching Scheme, assistance is shared on matching basis between RRRLF and developing & Lagging states as per the ratio given below:
(1) 60:40
(2) 90 10
(3) 70:30
(4) 50:50

7. The concept of 'Ask Library Anything' was originally initiated by?
(1) IFLA
(2) SLA
(4) ALA

8. P.V. Verghese Prize is awarded by Indian Library Association for?
(1) Best Book
(2) Best Service
(3) Best Article
(4) Best Library

9. KZ' which represents the subject 'Animal Husbandry' is an example of?
(1) Gap device
(2) Sector Digit
(3) Emptying Digit
(4) Mixed base

10. AACR2 (1978) was edited by?
(A) Eric J. Hunter
(B) Michael Gorman
(C) Paul W Winkler
(D) Joseph Juran

(1) (A) and (B) are correct
(2) (B) and (C) are correct
(3) (C) and (D) are correct
(4) (A) and (D) are correct

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