UGC-NET December 2020 & June 2021 (Merged Cycles)- Paper 2 (95-100)

Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow
In higher degree research, it is expected that no significant work is left in the Literature Review. Undergraduate research would be expected to discuss all of the most prominent research. A literature review is a critical discussion of all the significant available literature that contributes to the understanding of a subject. A literature review is a written document that presents a logically argued case. There are six steps in the literature review process: topic selection, literature search; developing an argument; literature survey; critique and write a review. The literature review process requires four separate skills such as the ability to search appropriate sources and scan the literature efficiently, to use manual and online methods, to identify and obtain a set of useful articles, chapters and books; the ability to judge a source based on a number of criteria, including the source itself, the author and the subject; the ability to examine and analyse the content of the literature systematically; and the ability to synthesize the various concepts and evidence a researcher has found into a structured piece of discursive prose that provides context and background on the research in the area.
1. At which stage the "review of literature" is usually a representative of the most "prominent research"?
Master's Level
PhD Level
Post Doc Level
Undergraduate Level

2. Which among the following is not a characteristic of "Review of Literature"?
Statistical Analysis
Understanding of the subject
In‐depth knowledge
Arguments based on logic

3. The third step of the literature review process stresses on:
Logical arguments
Topic selection

4. Which among the following skills is required to synthesize concepts that can provide context and background of the research problem?
Ability to examine and analyse the context
Concept and evidence formulation
Potential to search appropriate sources
Judging a source

5. Evaluation of a source for the process of review does not depend on:

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