UGC NET July 2018 Paper 2 Library Science (11-20)

1. Identify the odd one out :
Reference entry
Centred entry
Analytical entry
Added entry

2. ‘Path-Goal Theory of Leader Effectiveness’ is developed by :
Douglas McGregor
William Ouchi
Robert House
Abraham Maslow

3. ‘Ambra’ an innovative open source platform (for publishing open access resource articles) is developed by :

4. The term ‘Weblog’ was coined by :
E. Williams
Jack Dorsey
Jorn Barger
Peter Merholz

5. Which of the following is not file hosting service ?
One Drive
Google Drive
Live Drive
Xbox Live

6. VuFind is the tool used for :
Library Automation
Digital Library System
Library Resource Discovery System
Institutional Repository

7. Which one is the correct ‘Binary number’ for Decimal ‘115’ ?

8. Research method based on the consensus opinions of panel of experts and judgements is known as :
Historical method
Case study method
Delphi method
Interview method

9. A probability which is not associated with the occurrence of an event is expressed as a number between :
+1 and −1
1 and < 1
−1 and 0
0 and 1

10. What is the name of the initiative taken by the UGC to provide a 24×7 online store house of all academic awards issued by different academic institutions all over the country ?
National Mission on Education Through Information and Communication Technology(NMEICT)
National Academic Depository (NAD)
HEI Online Registration Portal
Swayam Prabha

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